2017 is over!

It is officially over! Goodbye 2017! It was a year that I will never forget. It tested me emotionally, spiritually, financially, professionally and personally – definitely unforgettable. At the end of January I lost my “spiritual grandmother” Bessie. In March, I...

What’s Stopping You?

  2016 WOW! What a year! It was full of emotions, both high and low, sad and exciting, love and anger, but I survived it. ​ My daughter came to us over Skype and told us that she wanted to study abroad in Japan for her Junior year. I remember smiling at her when...

Are Boundaries Necessary?

Boundaries are game changers in relationships - whether personal or professional because the perception that you have on the situation may not be the way the other intended. Personally this subject for me is touchy because I've had to deal with crossed boundaries a...

About the Author

Daphne has spent much time bringing life to and coordinating for twenty years (20) with pride, confidence and a high level of expectation as with ANY project that she puts her time and name to.

Managing a team and keeping a cool demeanor are just a few of the many attributes that she possesses! Her enthusiasm and desire to please her clients is what does and will continue to make Daphne’s success inevitable!

With her team in charge, your event will be an unforgettable success and truly experience
​Desired Moments™!

“If you want the best, you have to hire the best. Daphne with Always Assisting U is just that!”

Christie Johnson Swearengen