Networking is the biggest way to put your brand front-and-center in the eyes of the public. Networking, by definition, is connecting with others. It is a great idea to network with people both in your industry and outside of it.

There are a few popular ways to start networking:

1.         Social Media


Social media platforms are the biggest way to network instantly with people anywhere in the world. You can join various business groups on Facebook or follow and tweet with others on Twitter. Even Pinterest and Instagram provide opportunities to network. Find one or a few that work best for you and start mingling.

2.         Networking Events
Many industries host hundreds of networking opportunities each year. This gives you the chance to speak with others that have similar businesses, or even people in a completely different industry. It is splendid strategy to attend networks that are not of the same specialty as you. It lowers the competition and raises your chances of finding clients.

3.         Think Outside the Box
There are plenty of opportunities to network in your own back yard. Join local clubs, volunteer, and attend community events. Every encounter with the public is an opportunity to talk with people about your business and speak with them about theirs. They may offer a service or product that you need, as well.

It doesn’t matter where you start networking, just start! It is hard work, but the only way to become and stay visible. Networking leads to clients, friendships, and referrals. All 3 are necessary for the longevity of your business.