I had a blunt & brief conversation with a good friend this morning and she confirmed what I’ve been quietly questioning the last few weeks… Am I on the right path with my business?

The question I asked Tyler was what do you think of me being a business coach or motivational speaking?

Within the last 2 weeks, I’ve taken 2 of those Facebook “What are you” quizzes and the responses were a little #eyeopening and comical for me. For instance, What one word best describes you? quiz gave me results of Altruistic… showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish, selfless, compassionate, kind, public-spirited… Who ME? The other quiz What career were you actually meant for? resulted in Therapist which I translated into I do LOVE Human Resources (HR) so okay, maybe. The icing on the cake, well one of them, was when two different potential clients mentioned that having me coach them with their business is what they’re looking for. I kept rolling with the conversation even though “coaching” is not what I have listed as my “assistancial duties” because the wording they used wasn’t that big of a deal. The “other icing” was when I provided feedback to a lady while in one of the Facebook groups via messenger at 1am. She thanked me for being so passionate, direct and enthusiastic as she began to question herself and moving forward with her own business. She finished by saying I was straight with her and that’s what people need and how I was the right combination of sugar and spice.

It really got me to thinking more about if I am on the right path with my business? YES… YES I AM! But Tyler quickly advises me that Always Assisting U! is just the foundation & platform for me to do more. I gave a small chuckle/giggle and then grew quiet. I started thinking back to what I’ve been dealing with in my personal, professional and spiritual life and because I was so quiet (which is so NOT me), Tyler said “I told you! That’s why you’re quiet. Now that you have your confirmation, get to work and get it all planned out. Your style of approach is exactly what some people are needing.”

And here we are #growth … my first blog! As with anything else in life… practice practice practice. There will be more blogs to come and other happenings as well. Stay tuned!