The very differences that you share with someone could be the missing link … or common denominator.

I’ve been involved in a rather stressful situation where 2 employees were clashing because they are very similar. Sound familiar? It’s common and in a small office/business dynamics, it’s a treacherous recipe unless handled quickly, professionally and honestly.

Jackie* has been with the company the longest – 8 years and has been the main point of contact for patients. Allison* is new to the office – 2 months but brings in fresh eyes and years of experience and ideas.

Part of my job is to observe the employees, their interaction, business practices and prepare a report of findings. At first, employees are careful and a little extra to be cautious that I’m there and watching and listening. After a few hours or day, they forget that I’m there – and the truth of the office is revealed. Their personalities and mannerisms are similar yet the lack of organization, systems and processes are a major drawback for these two ladies. After my week long stay, I submitted an assessment of the office and situation.

It’s been 2 months since I’ve spent time on that assignment and I’ve finally received their feedback. Jackie admitted that though she appreciates Allison being apart of the team and assisting with a lot of the administrative and front office duties, it was very hard for her to relinquish tasks to someone else – afterall, she’s been doing it for 8 years. Allison revealed that she wasn’t given enough responsibility to call her own and many times was faced with nothing to do. Allison spoke to Jackie and told her of the concerns with potential solutions and the ladies came to a compromise.

Of course not all instances will have such positive outcomes, but communication and honesty plays a HUGE part. Yes there are several key elements missing from this client and their scenario that affects as such a outcome but knowing and recognizing that there is a situation brewing is crucial. At times it is that outside and objective eye that sheds light and a few solutions as a resolution.

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