Daphne tries to change the perceived notion of Human Resources (HR) being a negative tone in people’s mind to one that HR is of a positive light. She attempts to be that positiveness in HR and the trusting face so that employees know they can speak with her in a confidential manner.

By having Daphne apart of the leadership team, rest assured she understands the struggles and trials of your employees, remembering what it’s like to be one of them. In any aspect, Daphne will remain professional and your confidentiality is of the utmost respect.


    • Employee Onboarding & Orientation
    • Employee Relations & Engagement
    • Job Descriptions & Employee Handbooks
    • Recruiting

As a Business Transition Coach, Daphne will guide women whether they are transitioning from Corporate America into an entrepreneurial role or from being an entrepreneur to Corporate America. ­

Daphne is about the hard work, discipline and getting results to get you to unlock your purpose. Partnering with us will bring out the best in you – taking your business to the next level.


    • Brainstorming
    • Critique & Consulting
    • Business Rebuild & Rebrand

Daphne partners with people to manage their business. Whether she is the person working the back end ensuring that all the “t’s” are crossed and “i’s” are dotted, there will be nothing to worry about. Always Assisintg U! is your right hand … dependable, reliable, and confidential. 


  • Operation Management
  • Executive Administration
  • Staff Management

If you want the best, you have to hire the best. Daphne with Always Assisting U is just that!

Christie Johnson Swearengen

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