…to be seen & not heard OR to be heard & not seen?


How developed are your communication skills? Are you memorable without being overbearing? Are you memorable at all?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself as a striving business owner. In the new world of ever-changing technology, you would think making your brand more visible to the consumer would be easier than ever, right? Wrong. If anything, it is even harder to stand out from the crowd.

Achieving visibility is an on-going battle that business owners fight every day to keep their brands in the public’s eye. It takes commitment and determination to rise through the ranks of, not only major search engines, but competitors as well.

You need to show the world that your brand is large and in-charge. Show them that you mean business, are professional, and you are among the experts in your field.

There are a few key ingredients to becoming (and staying!) memorable to your consumers:

1.  If your communications skills are sub-par, fix them. Now! – Take a class on communicating with others and do some further research. Learn everything you can, because if you cannot communicate with your consumer, they WILL NOT work with you. Excellent communication is a requirement within any business, especially if you work with the consumer directly such as in the event planning industry or virtual assisting industry.

2.   Network, Network, Network – For your consumer to know you exist, you must put yourself and your brand out into the world where they will see it. Do some market research. Find out where your target market hangs out, whether online or at live events, and be visible in those areas. If someone has a question that you can answer, speak up! Talk with people, share your story, and ask them about themselves. When you show a genuine interest in someone else, they almost always take notice.

3.   Always be honest and real with your customers – Do your brand reputation and clients a favor and always hold honesty at the top of your list of morals. It takes a long time to build trust, but it only takes one dishonest or fake move on your part to be blacklisted by your entire industry. Always approach a potential client (or anyone, for that matter!) with professionalism, openness, and honesty. Word gets around fast, especially in the online world. Make sure the words being spoken about you and your business are positive.

So which is better: to be seen and not heard or to be heard and not seen? The answer is neither. You and your brand need to be both seen AND heard to make an impact in today’s market, especially online. Be proud of who you are and what you do! Go forth with confidence and a positive attitude and do not be afraid to speak up. You are the only voice for your brand. Make that voice strong and powerful.