Who is Daphne?… GOOD QUESTION.

I have a lot to offer as your virtual assistant but before I start telling you why, I think it’s best to tell you what a virtual assistant (VA) is and what I can do for you. Many are confused about that term or how a VA can actually help your business.

So, here’s the nitty gritty!

A VA can be your right hand in your business. Imagine being able to delegate tasks and projects to someone who can make your life so much easier. You know, those tasks that you just can’t seem to get to but they are very important. Maybe you’re not looking to hire an employee just yet but you definitely need help! That is where a VA comes in. From tasks like data entry, research, project management, event planning and so much more, a VA can attend to them and give you great peace of mind!

As your VA, you don’t pay me vacation time, sick time, lunch breaks… imagine the cost savings! This is because I’m an independent contractor. I provide valuable services to you, right from my home office. It’s a win-win situation! 

From my many years of experience in Corporate America, I’m already trained in various industries and ready to help you! I offer quality work and strong business ethics along with dedication and forward thinking to help you grow your business. My gift from God is Administration and I’m confident that my work will be a blessing to you and your business!

My career experience: (yes, some of my roles have been dual, triple and in a few quads)

25 years as an Executive Administrator
18 years in Human Resources
17 years in Event/Wedding Industry 
15 years in Payroll
4 years in the Recruiting
2 years in Real Estate

I offer free consultations to discuss a strategy to get your tasks done and free up your time so you can focus on your core business and attend to matters of priorities.